Project Results

Sharing experience and good practice of all the institutions involved will become a good basis for the development of e-courses and upgrading the skills of their staff. Each of the e-modules will contain several (15 - 30) e-courses which will be piloted in short-term summer training activities (C1 - C3). The designed courses are expected to be accessible on web pages of all the institutions involved. They will be ready to be used not only in a pandemic situation but also as additional material for in-service English teacher students as well as for continuous professional development (CPD) courses which many practising teachers pray for. Moreover, the modular system will allow structuring CPD courses according to the needs and requirements of teachers, thus making them tailor-made. Depending on national legislation the partners can submit the differently designed courses for national accreditation and provide teachers with necessary certificates. 

O1 - e-Grammar

The first module/output (O1) is expected to comprise 25 e-courses designed approximately for 45 – 60 minutes each and it will be devoted to some specific issues in English grammar (pronunciation and intonation, morphology, vocabulary and word formation, and syntactic structures) which usually are difficult for non-native speakers. The lead organisation for this intellectual output will be Ostrava University (OSU), Czech Republic.

O2 - e-Methodology of Teaching English

The second module/output (O2) will present the latest trends in the methodology of teaching English as a foreign language for different age and proficiency groups of learners. The module is expected to have 30 e-courses, each approximately 45 – 60 minutes. It will especially focus on practical tasks and procedures which English teachers can use with their learners. It will provide also some ideas on how to use coursebooks creatively in order to eliminate the routine work of teachers. The lead organisation for this intellectual output will be Aspekt Foundation, Slovak Republic.

O3 - e-Use of Language (Language Skills)

The third module/output (O3) will be devoted to activating and practising language skills – monological and interactive speaking, listening and reading comprehension, as well as writing.  Each of the 30 e-courses will be designed approximately for 45 – 60 minutes of practice. There will be several innovative aspects of these e-courses. First of all, the e-courses themselves will become a new element in the continuous professional development of teachers. Then, the structure of the module will offer English teachers to make it tailor-made, adaptable to their specific needs. The e-courses are expected to be aimed more at practical training tasks than at theoretical knowledge to develop the required English teachers’ competences. The lead organisation for this intellectual output will be the University of Bielsko-Biala (ATH), Poland.

O4 - e-Literature and Interculture

The fourth module/output (O4) will present a selection of recent literary works for teenagers and young learners as well as some recent intercultural topics. It is expected that it will comprise about 15 e-courses as literature is not so widely taught in primary and secondary schools, but if teachers use current books they may attract their learners´ attention to reading and improve their reading literacy skills. The lead organisation for this intellectual output will also be the University of Bielsko-Biala (ATH), Poland.

O5 - Handbook for e-Courses Use

The fifth output (O5) of the project will be a handbook for e-courses use to make intended users of the courses aware of how to work with the designed courses and how to get feedback while using them. The lead organisation for this intellectual output (O5) will be the IT company, Slovakia

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